Battle of Vicksburg (May 18th-July 4th, 1863)

The siege of Vicksburg is a really hard battle to cover due to the fact that the siege was so huge, but i will try my best! The siege of Vicksburg was the result of Ulysses S. Grant's recent victories like at Shiloh, Corinth,  and Iuka. The Vicksburg Campaign's goal was so that the Union army could gain control of the mighty Mississippi and to split the Confederacy in half. The campaign began on May 18th and ended right after the end of the battle of Gettysburg on July 4th 1863. Now keep in mind this was the main attack because for almost half a year the army tried to break through into the fortified city. U.S artillary bombed the city for months, eventully some of the city's residence found shelter inside caves on the side of Vicksburg. Occasionly there would be an infantry charge to try and take enemy batterys or strongpoints but for most of the time the battle was fought by the artillary. As Grant's army of the Tennessee surrounded the city and poured hot shell into the town the many souls of the Confederate army under Pemberton who numbered around 23,000 were slowly losing the will to fight. Leading up to the actual siege there were battles like Champion's Hill, Port Hudson, and the Big Black River. All of which were Union victories except for Port Hudson which didn't fall until the end of the Siege of Vicksburg. As the soldiers and citizens starved many pets began to "mysteriously" disapear showing that the people of Vicksburg couldn't hold out longer. Final as Pemberton relized he was fighting a losing battle he surrendered his troops and the city to U.S forces. On the 4th of July the city of Vicksburg surrendered to the U.S army, the Union navy now could freely move supplies and troops up and down the Mississippi.