Battle of Spotsylvania Court House (May 8th-21st, 1864)

Spotsylvania was fought because Grant wanted to take the key intersection there. Lee responding by making a counter-attack which blocked Grant from getting to Richmond. Lee won the footrace to Spotsylvania and got into a defensive position, with earthworks. Once again Grant had the superior numbers with 100,000 and Lee with 56,000, but Lee was on defense which was much easier than to attack. By nightfall on May 9 Lee had a U shaped defense to block the main intersection. On the 10th Grant attacked Lee's flankbut was quickly beaten back, with heavy losses but still undiscouraged saying that he would fight all summer if he had to. The next two days there was only small fighting.

On the 12th Grant attacked the muleshoe with 20,000 men. The fighting here was fierce hand to hand combat, finally the Union's troops broke through only to get beat back by a Confederate counter- attack. All day and night fighting wore on for a peice later known as the Bloody Angle. On May 13th neither sides had changed position. The next few days Grant attacked both Confederate flanks only to find Lee's troops well entrenched. On the 19th Lee attacked the Union's right flank only to find it's defenses strong aswell.

Grant decided not to fight there all summer long and moved his army south to Richmond. Lee once again blocks Grant's move forcing trhe battle of North Anna and Cold Harbor. Once again a stalemate with causlities at 18,000 Union and 12,000 Confederates. Even though Grant did not destoy the army of Northern Virgina he would make way for the end of the confederacy.