gBattle of Second Bull Run (August 28th-30th, 1862)

The battle of Second Mannasses started on August 28 1862 as the Union Army of Virgina which was 63,000 men strong and led by Major General John Pope crossed the Bull Run River. Early reconnisince found that the Confederates under General Robert E. Lee where they found that the had a defensive line along a railroadcut and on Stony Ridge. The Union charged at the railroadcut trying to break through but were unsucessful. The Union however had inflicted heavy casualties yet Jackson was not driven away and eventully moved forward.

 Porter tried to attack the Stony Ridge where Longstreets's divison was. The attack failed and was weak yet once again inflicting heavy casualties. As Porter is driven away from Stony Ridge Longstreet has a chance to take advantage of a gap in the Union lines but decides not to.

Pope however belives that the Confederates are beat orders a pursuit for the next day. Yet on the 30th his forces are hit by one of largest massed attacks in the war. The Union forces are now defeated and are driven from the field. Final casualties were Union 13,830 and Confederates 9,197. It's now a repeat of First Mannasses. The war is still in the Confederates favor.