Battle of Seccessionville (June 16th, 1862)

As the Siege of Charleston continued the Union army created a plan to attack the city from a different approch, from land. The Union army landed about 6,600 troops on James Island on the 16th of June in 1862. That day the army attacked Fort Lamar on the outskirts of Sesscionville. Due to swamps from the ocean tide the attacking force was limited to about 40-50 yards to chagre through. What this means even though the Confederates were outnembered 3 to 1 they could concentrate a large amount of fire into a limited area causing massive damage to the oncoming Union troops. This is another one of the battles where on paper the Union should have won but unless you actully walk the grounds you'll see why they actully lost. As the 8th Michegan, 7th Conneticut, 79th and 46th New York, 28th Massuchutets, and the 100th Pennsulvania attacked they began crunched together and were brutally slaughtered by the defenders at the mercy of the Confederate soldiers. Finally as the Union commander realized the slaughter he called of the attack and the remaining soldiers retreated from the field. The loss of over 600 Union troops and only 200 Confederate casulites meant that Henry W. Benham the Union commander was relieved of command. This was the last and only Union attack on the city of Charleston by land until near the end of the war in 1865.