Help Save History!

When I visited Gettysburg, I learned that there were people planning to build a casino on or near the Hallowed Ground. Over Christmas I found out someone planned to build houses in the middle of The Wilderness Battlefield. I thought that was just wrong. I also learned about Civil War Trust and how they are protecting battlefields by raising money and helping people learn about the Civil War, so I donated money to help them protect our battlefields. I've donated more than $100 of my own money, written letters to elected people and to CEOs of companies that were trying to build on or near the battlefields. I have asked my parents, grandparents and others to help me protect the battlefields and learn about the Civil War.  Now, I am asking you to help me, help Civil War Trust protect our Civil War Battlefields - get your mom or dad then click this link to donate or write a letter to help save our history:

Civil War Kids is not officially affiliated with Civil War Trust, I just love the work they are doing and how they are helping me stay a Civil War fanatic. They were kind enough to create a special page for us kids to make donations.

The 150th Anniversary of the Civil War just started. It's a special time to remember the men that gave their lives for their cause and bring attention to the need to save battlefields. You really should plan to visit a Civil War Battlefield.  I read about the sites and watched television shows and movies like "Ken Burns Civil War" to learn about the Civil War, but until I walked on the battlefield at places like Gettysburg, Shiloh and Fort Donelson, I really didn't appreciate the number of men and size of the battles. When I saw the car wash at the spot where men died for our country in Franklin, it made me sad. At Stones River (Murfreesboro, TN) you can sleep on the battlefield, because somebody built hotels and businesses on the land where men died. It's ok to have houses and live in cities where battles happened, but we need to protect as much of the battlefields as we can. My dad told me about his mom and dad taking him to Shiloh when he was my age. We were glad that because people at the National Park Service and people like Civil War Trust, Son's of the Confederacy and other smart people in politics have done the right thing, Shiloh is still very much like it was when he was a kid and very much like it was when our soldiers fought there.  I want to take my son there someday, so we need to keep the history alive and protect this land.