Battle of Gettysburg (July 1st-3rd, 1863)

Neither the Union or the Confederates planned to fight at Gettysburg, but as the men moved and armies aligned it became the most famous battle in the Civil War.  In the first day of fighting the Confederates pushed the Union soldiers back through Gettysburg to a position on Missionary Ridge in the shape of a fish hook. This was important in the coming days as the Union could more easily move troops back and forth form one line to another.  The battle was so big, I'm not sure where to start, so I'll suggest you go to Civil War Trust site and the National Parks Service's Gettysburg site to learn more, I'm going to share some of the key fights that were part of the battle that I think were most interesting.  
The Wheat Field was really amazing. The fighting was so fierce and deadly that it was said you could walk from one side of the field to the other walking on bodies of the dead and wounded.  One soldier who was wounded had to fight off hogs that were trying to eat the dead and wounded at night. It is near "The Devil's Den and Peach Orchard which are also important parts of the battlefield.  The battle at Little Roundtop was one of the turning points in the battle. Soldiers from the 20th Maine under Colonel Joshua Lawerence Chamberlin held the flank on the second day of the battle. Running low on ammunition they fixed bayonets and pushed back a Confederate charge from teh 15th Alabama.  The other spot is that of Pickett's Charge. About 15,000 Confederate soldiers marched across an open field about one mile under artillery and gun fire - about 150 Confederate soldiers out of the 15,000 actually made it hrough the Union lines momentarially then were pushed back, killed or captured in what ended as one of the most deadly charges in the war.  It is estimated that the Confederates lost 7,000 to 10,000 of the 15,000 men that took part in that charge.  You really should take the time to walk from the Confederate lines to the Union side and imagine what it must have been like.  At the dedication of the National Cemetery at Gettysburg is when President Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg address.  It is really cool place to visit.