Battle of First Bull Run (July 21st, 1861)

This is the Henry House. Around it was some of the fiercest fighting during the battle.

The battle of Mannassas was one of the first deadly battles of the civil war. Before the battle people thought the war would last 90 days and be over. After this battle opinions would change.

The fresh Union Army of Northeastern Virgina (35,000) was marching into the Virgina heartland. Quickly the Confederate Army of the Potomic moved to confront them at Mannassas Junction halfway between the two capitols. The Union forces however learned about this and made a decision to attack the rebs. On the 21st of July the Union forces supported by two artillary batteries pushed up the Henry House Hill. Yet there were Confederate brigades determend to hold the hill.

After some Confederates were pushed off Matthew's Hill from the advancing Union they retreated only to be stopped by Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. According to Bernard Bee Jackson rallied the troops to defend and later attack. Bee rallied his own troops by saying "Look at Jackson's brigade; it stands like a stone wall! Rally behind the Virginians!" This action helped to save the Confederate army at this battle.

After Jackson defends the Hill, Stuart's cavalry helped to drive the Union off Henry House Hill, this also leaves the Union batteries vulnerable. His cavalry will also pursue the retreating Union army. Several Confederate brigades on the right wiil help attack and speed up the Union defeat. The battle is over resulting in a Confederate victory. Some people say that you could see Union soliders in Washington D.C "running and taking cover." The casuaity count was 4,500 - 2,500 for the Union and 2,000 for the Confederacy. This battle shows the war is going to be long and bloody.