Cool Civil War and History Related Links

On this page are links to other web sites and videos that are interesting.
I've become big fans of a group called Granville Automatic. They write and sing songs about history and they are really good.  They have a CD coming out soon that is all about Civil War sites and people. Some of the proceeds will help save Civil War Battlefields.  If you like American Idol, you will like Granville Automatic, as Vanessa the lead singer was a finalist in season number 2. Elizabeth is a great guitarist.  They love music, history, and preservation - they agree with General Lee who said, "without music you would not have an army."  Check them out.
 Living the Civil War - Video -

www.time.comPhotographer Gregg Segal spent a year getting to know the world of Civil War re-enactors. In a series of photographs, he shows how development has affected Civil War battlefields today.