About the Civil War Kid (Plus Some Favorites Movies, Books, and More!)

I started The Civil War for Kids (CivilwarKids.com) to help teach other kids about the Civil War and how we can help save Civil War Battlefields from being erased by people destroying them with buildings or houses or stores. I also wanted to help parents teach their kids about the Civil War.

I live in Austin, TX, just turned 16 and am in the 11th grade.  I am a Civil War fanatic, but I also like science and math, but right now social studies is my favorite.  I I got a shirt from Civil War Trust that says "I help save Civil War battlefields" that I wear when I visit Civil War places or have a chance to promote preservation.

Favorite Civil War book (fiction for kids): Rifles for Watie, by Harold Keith. Winner of the Newbury Medal for best kids book.

 Favorite Civil War General: William Tecumsah Sherman, Union 

 Favorite show on the Civil War: The Civil War, by Ken Burns.  It is playing on PBS now. You should check your television schedule.

Favorite movie on Civil War: Gettysburg and Red Badge of Courage (Red Badge of Courage is also a great book, but I liked Rifles for Watie better).Favorite Television Movie about Civil War. There was a television movie called "The Blue and the Gray" that was on TV way back in 1982 that I really like. It's not always historically accurate and it has some romance stuff in it, but it is fun to watch. It has some bad words like darn only use an m instead of the r and n and it has h-e- double hockey sticks.

Favorite Civil War Battlefield: Battle of Franklin.